Service Product

Improve the IM system, covering the server side, Android side, iOS side

IM Server

  • IM Server use java to code by following the simultaneous superposition structure
  • for millions of data. The server is also compatible to the xmpp agreement.
  • The IM Server is also a transfer station for clients.
  • Our clients can start communicating message by using our exclusive SDK link to the IM server.

Design of SDK (Android and iOS) and demo for client

  • In the bottom communication level, we take care of all processes related to communication.This includes but not limited to the IM server communication, sending message, receiving message,creating group, ending connections, and creating different types of message such as text, picture, voice, video and other documents.
  • In the application level, we provide fully-developed interfaces for your chats. You can also modify our codes and develop your personal products based on our product.

Full-Time Customer Service

  • We help our clients develop, test and complete their systems.
  • We provide complete report for our product.
  • We try to solve client’s problem within 24 hours.
  • We help our clients upgrading their products for free.
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